Human Resources

Human Resource Services

To succeed in today’s market place, it takes good quality people to build a business, getting capital and erecting buildings is the easy part. Increasingly in this age of technology and rapid communications, the backbone of any business is the competency and knowledge base of its human capital. Our firm brings its deep experience of HR strategic planning, HR management systems and HR operational efficiency based on its experience to benefit its clients. The services offered by the firm under this segment are:

Executive Search and Selection

Our executive search practice is to assure you the best of our assistance in finding the suitable person for the position. Our approach for meeting human resource requirements generally encompasses the following steps:


Short listing is usually done out of CVs available in our database. If the appropriate incumbent is not available in our database, then by:

  1. Advertising in the local newspapers.
  2. Contacting directly to the people of the similar industry.


Short listing is usually done out of CVs available in our database. If the appropriate incumbent is not available in our database, then by:

  1. Administration of written tests (if required by the client).
  2. Incumbent’s screening.

Competency evaluation of the incumbent to identify the ability of analyzing problem assessment, developing organizational talent, leadership quality, empowering job design, adequacy, coaching, delegation of authority, motivational fit etc.

Development and Training

Employees are every company’s asset. Their abilities need to be nurtured and competencies enhanced for them to grow continuously and achieve set goals. They have to be trained from time to time in different areas to help them overcome deficiencies and turn weaknesses into strengths. We offer a wide range of training programs to enhance the abilities of your workforce. These training programs can be tailored to your specific needs. Training Needs Analysis (TNA) can also be conducted within your organization to find out exactly “Who” needs Training and in “Which” area. Post Training Evaluation is carried out to know the outcome of the training programs.

Human Resources Management

Our core HRM services include:

  1. Man Power Planning. Job analysis, Job Design, Job Profile, Job Descriptions
  2. Job Evaluation – (vs. Seniority promotions) Placement Services
  3. Compensation and benefit systems
  4. Performance appraisals
  5. Business process excellence
  6. Career/Succession Planning – Potential Appraisal
  7. Post Merger Culture Consolidation and Team Building
  8. Funds Management: Provident Fund, Gratuity, Pension
  9. Strategic Review: Defining the Mission Statement, Vision, Values, SWOT: Strategic Planning, Setting Objectives, Fixing Responsibilities / Due Date
  10. Organization Systems – SOPs
  11. The ‘Grieving Process: Shock, Denial, Anger – self pity, cynicism, Resignation – sadness, Acceptance – Unfolding / growth / transformation (“Flow through…”)
  12. Time Management Services – With Computerized Record Keeping
  13. Health, Hygiene; Medical Check ups – Pre Employment / During Service