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Audit and Assurance

Our methodology provides a continuous audit process by staying in touch with clients round the year, keeping them updated with changing conditions and providing ongoing feedback on business decisions that could affect financial statements.

Internal Audit

Our approach relating to Internal Audit is based on the guidelines specifically developed by Baker Tilly Mehmood Idrees Qamar as a separate practice segment.

Tax Advisory Services

The firm can provide strategic tax consulting and impart to clients innovative tax solutions in response to new challenges.

Corporate Finance & Business Advisory Services

Our corporate finance and business advisory services department provides a diverse range of strategic and financial advice to clients in relation to corporate finance, valuation and other corporate activities.

Human Resource Services

Our firms bring its deep experience of HR strategic planning,HR management systems and HR operational efficiency based on its experience to benefit its clients.

Enterprise Risk Management

The firm offers assistance in managing and optimizing risks, strategically identifying, analyzing, overseeing and monitoring the potential risks to an organization

Other Advisory Services

We have the leading experts in this kind of advisory work on our team, and are devoted to structuring the client’s business affairs in the most erudite and professional manner.

Forensic Audit & Investigation

At Baker Tilly, we recognize the complex and sensitive nature of investigations, which is why our experience is valuable when we are asked to provide efficient, accurate and robust accounting assistance to our regulatory clients.

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