Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management

In today’s ever-changing business environment of market complexity, globalization and increasing investor expectations, managing risks while providing value is more important than ever before. All organizations – big or small, public or private – have risks that they must manage proactively to succeed in today’s marketplace

The Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) practice offers specialized services in the areas of IT assessment and advisory services. We offer assistance in managing and optimizing risks, strategically identifying, analyzing, overseeing and monitoring the potential risks to an organization. This approach enables a company to determine how much uncertainty and risk are acceptable to continue to add value to the organization.

In this segment of practice, the firm can provide strategic tax consulting and impart to clients innovative tax solutions in response to new challenges. Skills in the provision of these services cover all forms of commercial activity encompassing, large or small organizations and corporate or individual entities. Our services are tailored so that both international and local implications are taken into account in order to achieve highly effective structures for our client thereby providing the most optimal compliance route.

Services We Offer

IT Project Advisory

Effective IT governance and performance helps organization to ensure that business system delivers value to the business and that the unique risks inherent in the technology are monitored in an appropriate governance framework. Our IT audit and advisory services include: governance, strategy, performance improvement, cost reduction, risk management benchmarking, risk framework and due diligence.

Governance and Performance

Assist organization to develop an enterprise approach to project initiation, execution and control to achieve desired project outcomes. IT project advisory services help clients align project activity with key business strategies and identify and manage risk, change and quality as a result of project activity. Our professionals can provide executive support and assist clients to achieve enhanced organization capability and greater project efficiency to deliver the right result.

Outsourced Risk Management

Understand organization needs, select and evaluate potential service providers so that organization is able to compare objectively the available offerings.

Business System Controls

Assist organization to assess and verify that controls in major system implementation are enhanced, in place and operating effectively.

Security, Privacy and Continuity

Assist organization to protect their assets, including availability and reliability, to protect the business itself. Particular attention is provided during the phases of assessment, architecture and monitoring.

IT Internal Audit

Assist with full internal audit sourcing resources: a standing agreement or on secondment basis. ERM works with clients to understand the risk profile of the business, determine the appropriate risk profile and help mitigate risk exposures. IT internal auditor considers both compliance and operational risk, determining if appropriate mitigation strategies exist.

ERM in External Audit

Identifies financial and operational risk embedded in the business system and processes and provide advisory on risk mitigation. ERM professionals integrate technology issues into the framework of audit, working as part of the audit.